How to Spy on Your Spouse Cell Phone without Touching It

When a man and a woman take vows they promise to respect, love and trust each other till death does them apart. The couple walks down the aisle with dreams in their eyes and looks forward to a future where they live happily ever after.

After all, isn’t this is shown in almost every romantic movie – that love is enough to keep a couple together. Unfortunately, the reality is often not so rosy or picture-perfect. It is not uncommon for a spouse to forget their vows and cheat on their partner.

But what is really heartbreaking is when a partner claims innocence but continues to surreptitiously have an affair. This is wrong not just for the marriage but for the person being cheated upon. No partner deserves this and should not become a silent victim of their partner’s misdemeanours.

When should you start suspecting your partner? When do you feel that everything is not fine in your marriage? When do the warning bells start ringing?

While there cannot be any definitive answer to this, it is safe to say that you should not turn a blind eye to every shortcomings of your partner.

If you start noticing behavioural changes in your partner and cannot account for the reason, you should be suspicious. Normally when a person has an extra-marital affair, they are guilty no matter what. To hide their guilt, they either shower their legally wedded partner with unnecessary (and often uncalled for) gifts or start avoiding them.

This is one of the first tell-signs that something is wrong. In a normal marriage, partners do not change out of the blue. If until now your partner returned from work at almost the same time, always followed the same routine, helped in household chores and in caring for the family but suddenly gets ‘too busy’ at work, you need to question the change in their life.

Sometimes confronting the partner is the best thing to do. If you feel suspicious and have always valued honesty, you must directly ask if anything is wrong. But when the partner refuses to answer or claims ignorance, you may need to do some back-door investigation to understand the entire matter.

What Options Do You Have to Find Out If Your Partner is Cheating

Staying unhappy in a marriage is never a good option. Do not compromise your happiness because someone else is not faithful to you. When you walked down the aisle this wasn’t the life you promised yourself. Do not live that life.

Take control of your situation and dig deep into your partner’s secret. How can you do that? There are a few possible ways you can spy on your partner, especially using their phones.

  • Catch hold of their phones when they are looking away. If you know the password, it’s great. If not, try to determine the access code so that you can unlock the phone and find out everything. Though we must confess that it isn’t easy especially if the phone has advanced security features such as fingerprint, face recognition, pattern lock etc.
  • Checking the cloud is a good alternative, especially if you know how to do such things. It is pretty simple actually. All you need is access to your partner’s email account from where you can possibly check the cloud storage where invariably some information will be stored. Again, it is not full-proof and fully-effective.
  • Spying on their phones using spy apps. These are some of your best options as they help you find everything about your partner’s phone – right from whom they message, whom they call and everything in between.

Why Spying on Your Cheating Partner is Not Wrong

When your partner doesn’t want to be upfront and you suspect they are hiding something from you, spying is the best solution. Now, if you have watched enough detective movies or crime thrillers, you would be inclined to pay someone to spy on your partner.

However you must know that this isn’t always the right thing or even the convenient thing to do. Getting in touch with a good private investigator is not easy. Even if you manage to find one in your neighbourhood, PI’s are generally very expensive as they work on an hourly basis.

Moreover, an investigator will only be able to share a few photographs that seem suspicious, track your partner’s daily routine and inform you about who they meet in a day.

They will also report if your partner is meeting another person in cafes, restaurants and movie theatres in odd hours. But what can you do with only this much information? Honestly speaking, not much. With such information, you can once again confront your partner and they can once again conveniently deny any misdoings.

What you really need to do in such a case is using technology that is both inexpensive but effective to spy on your partner. Fortunately, we live in times when technology is not only all-pervasive but also very easy to comprehend.

Gone are the days when sophisticated technology could only be used by technocrats, software engineers and the likes. Today applications have become so easily accessible that anyone and everyone can use them.

Whether you want to track a phone number or spy on your spouse’s cell phone without touching it, you can do it all with a simple application. If your partner is not honest, you shouldn’t feel guilty about using extra-ordinary means to comprehend their activities.

What Makes Spy Apps Useful

Lot about a person can be known from their mobile phones. Photos stored in galleries, in browsing history, call records and messages – tell a lot about the person. In a marriage, it is ideal that one shares his/her phone with the partner and in returns expects equal transparency.

But when this doesn’t happen and when your partner doesn’t let you touch their phone, it is time you spy and find out all about the hidden and suspicious content stored in their phones.

Spy apps are essentially mobile phone applications that can surreptitiously track a phone’s message and call records. These apps have become very common nowadays as they are easy to use and can be used by anyone.

If PI’s are expensive, spy apps are inexpensive. You only need to pay for the amount of information that is revealed to you and even then the cost is very less. When you want to vindicate yourself from your cheating partner, these apps are made just for you.

Using these apps you can spy phones and read all texts sent and received by your partner. You can also check call records and find out who is your partner talking to so much.

These apps are built in such a manner that they do not give away anything and doesn’t make your partner suspicious about your spying activities.

Using a spying app, you will discover who your partner is –

  • Frequently messaging,
  • The smartphone apps they are using,
  • The kind of online services they are using,
  • Whether they have registered another sim in their names
  • And a lot more.

So start using a spy app today and know about your partner’s secret. Do not wait till doomsday.