How to Catch a Cheater: Top 10 Ways to Spy on a Cheating Spouse

If your partner is cheating on you, he/she isn’t likely to tell you that on face till the very end. Accusing them of cheating won’t make it any better for you if you don’t have the required evidence to confront them. This is where it is both ethically and morally right to spy on a cheating spouse and catch them red-handed.

Thankfully technology makes it possible for you. You don’t need to hire an investigator or go deep into the world of spy craft. All it takes is the determination to find the truth and smart use of technology and acting smartly.

Here are 10 ways in which you can spy on a cheating partner.

1) Observe Your Spouse’s Activity on the Phone

If there is something that would give away your partner’s dishonest activities; it is his/her activity on the phone. Has he/she become ultra-protective when it comes to the phone? Does he/she keep it out of your sight all the time? In a healthy relationship partners don’t have anything to hide between them and if your partner is intentionally keeping it away from your or gets angry when you wish to have a look at it, consider this as the first sign of dishonesty.

Try and keep track of their calling, texting, and chatting activities. If he or she isn’t comfortable doing it in front of you, things are pretty bad and you need to spy on them.

2) Keep Track of Social Media Activities

In today’s world, Social Media is a reflection of any person’s life. When we are active on social media all of us leave behind our digital footprints. Scan through your partner’s social media profile to find out all about their friends and acquaintances.

If he/she is dating someone and cheating on you, there is every chance that you will get a clue from their social media activities. Find out whose post they always like, comment on, etc. Unless your spouse is someone who knows how to hide their digital footprints (very few are), their social media activities would reveal enough on his/her alleged partner whom you should keep track on.

3) Gain Access To Their Phone

If you wish to start spying on your partner’s phone you need to gain access to it. Unlike the older phones where few would care to secure it with a PIN, all modern smartphones have some kind of access control system. From face recognition to pattern locks and PINs to fingerprint lock, your partner would secure his/her phone in some way.

This might be easy if your partner has no reasons to be doubtful that you have become suspicious of their activity. Make an excuse to get hold of their smartphone and find out the PIN or pattern lock. If he/she has a fingerprint lock go to the phone’s settings and add yours as well.

A face recognition lock might make it difficult for you but you can still lure him/her with romance and gain access whenever you need.

4) Track Their Alleged Partner

When you suspect your partner to be cheating on you, it doesn’t quite matter who your partner goes to bed with. After all, it destroys the years of trust and faith you have put into this relationship.

How to Spy on Your Spouse Cell Phone without Touching It

But when you wish to confront your partner or plan to file for a divorce it is important for you to know more about the person they are going around with. Once you get hold of their phone number you can find every bit of information about them using Online Spying Tools.

This information includes addresses, public records, criminal records, etc. In fact, you can find all this information using their email and name as well. The volume of information that’s available online might surprise you.

5) Install a Keylogger

Once you have gained access to their smartphone the next step would be to install a keylogger. These are simple software that runs in the background and can track every word or letter that would type on the phone.

If your spouse is using dozens of apps on the smartphone it would take him/her time to figure out that a keylogger has been installed. You can hide this app inside an app folder that is least used by your spouse.

Depending on the keylogger you install you can set it to send you all their activities on the keypad to your email. By the time your partner gets any ilk of it, you’d have gathered enough evidence to confront him or her.

6) Check Bank & Credit Card Statements

If your partner is dating someone the evidence would be right there in the bank or credit card statement. Look at every transaction in the statement carefully and take note of all the transactions that seem suspicious. Restaurants visits, gift shops, unexplained Uber rides, shopping things for the opposite sex, etc. can offer you the crucial evidence that you can challenge your partner with.

If they are using wallets such as PayPal or more you should look into those transactions as well. They would reveal more than your cheating partner would ever imagine.

7) Track Their Texting Activity

Spying on your partner’s texting activity is one of the best ways to find out the dark secrets of their lives. If you have regular physical access to their phones you can scan through their text messages and chat activities on messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

In case you don’t have regular access to the phones you will have to depend on spy texting apps.

Much like the keylogger apps there are texting spy apps that would help you keep track of your partner’s texting activities and you can get real-time alerts on whom are they texting at any given point in time.

8) Keep Track of Spouse’s Location

Is he/she going out on a date? Is he/she taking out his newfound love on a dinner? Is he/she visiting the new partner’s house on a regular basis? In the past, you may have had to physically follow your partner on the road or hired a private investigator to keep track of their movements, not anymore.

Today technology makes it possible for you to do so sitting in the comfort of your home. If you have access to their phones you can check out the places they visited on Google Maps or Apple Maps easily. If you find suspicious activities it is time for you to question them.

9) Look for Photos and Videos

Scanning through the photo gallery in your partner’s phone might give you a glimpse of their life that they’d like to hide from you.

Though your partner is likely to be extra cautious and not store photos and videos on their phone even the best ‘criminal’ is known to make mistakes. If you regularly scan through the photos and videos on their phone you are likely to hit upon evidence that takes them to mask off his/her face.

10) Catch Them Red-handed

If you have installed a keylogger or a location finder app on his/her smartphone you are likely to be able to keep track of location and activities.

With this information in your hand, you can easily surprise your partner. Bump into him or her in the restaurant where your partner is allegedly dating.

Call your partner and ask his/her location and they are likely to lie to you about it. Deliver the big surprise and catch them red-handed.

Technology has come a long way over the last few decades. It has not only changed our lives but can also save you from being cheated. There is no sin in trying to verify your doubts if you suspect your partner to be cheating on you.

Your doubts would always be backed by their suspicious activity or when they have tried to hide something from you. When in doubt you can easily spy on your partner in the ways we have just mentioned. If your suspicion is unfounded you can always seek forgiveness from a loving partner. But there is no love and respect in being cheated.

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