How Can I find out who a Phone Number Belongs to for Free?

Are you looking to find who a phone number belongs to? Is someone troubling by calling you trying to blackmail you? Do you suspect your partner is talking to a secret lover over the phone on a regular basis? It happens to all us when we are curious to know the person on the other side of the line. There are numerous instances in life when we are curious to know the identity of the person making a phone call. You may have missed a call and wish to know if it was a prospective client or suspect your partner to be cheating on you. Irrespective of the reason behind your curiosity you may be wondering if there is a way which you can use to conduct a free phone number search.

The process is actually easier than you think and doesn’t require you to be a tech-savvy person. You may have come across ads where agencies promise to find all the information about callers and charge you a hefty fee for the job. These agencies try to make this process look complicated and understandably they do this to guard their own territory. But the fact on the ground is you don’t need to pay a hefty fee to any agency or subscribe to an expensive service to find details of the person when you know their phone number. A reverse telephone directory which is also termed as gray pages directory or criss-cross directory can offer you all the details that you intend to know and can use it for your own good.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is a process where you can easily find phone numbers along with important details about the caller such as their names and addresses. It is much like the good old Telephone Directory of the yesteryears where one could find the phone numbers of people and organizations by scrolling through the names listed in alphabetical order. Reverse phone lookup works in the reverse manner where one can easily find information about the caller by searching using their phone numbers and hence the name. It is extremely easy to use and returns all the information within seconds.

There are several communication companies that offer these services within their subscriber base but they are limited to wired phones only and no mobile service provider in the world lets you look at phone numbers to protect the privacy and identity of their customers. This is where you need to try telephone number lookup tools and once you feed the number into these online tools they would return you all the information you need in most cases. Yes, there are cases where a caller is smart enough to disguise all the information or there is no information about them on these tools but such cases are far and few.

How Can You Conduct Free Phone Number Search?

As we have mentioned above you don’t need to spy on a phone or wear the 007 hats to find out the details of the person on the other side of the line using their phone number. The process is pretty easy and there are many ways in which you can search for a phone number easily and here we shall look at them.

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Search Engines

Search Engines like Google let you find information on almost everything that you are searching for and they should be your first port of call when you are looking to find a phone number. The process is simple and all you need to do is type the number into Google or any other search engine to find the information. It is important to note here that the number should be separated by hyphens depending on the kind of phone number series followed in the country from where the person is calling you. You must also prefix the number with the Country Calling Code. This is important as this would tell the search engines specifically that you are looking for a phone number and not searching for a simple number.

The chances of hitting gold with this type of search are high when the number is listed on some kind of public directory, business listing website, or the site of the person calling you. This type of search helps you in finding business phone numbers that are listed for promotional purposes. However, you may not see success if the number belongs to an individual who hasn’t listed it on any public platform. If the person is calling you with malicious intentions you aren’t likely to find their details on Google or other search engines.

Caller ID Applications

If search engines fail you your next logical step to use a Caller ID application. There are few caller ID mobile applications that are available for Android and iOS platforms and they do offer you the name of the person calling you. These applications work on a crowd-based model where they return you information on the name of the person as saved in other people’s phone directory. Download the application and register yourself and you are likely to find the details you are looking for. However, there is always a privacy issue when you are signing up for these platforms as you will have to part with your own identity and that of other people whose numbers you have saved on the phonebook. If you have issues regarding your own privacy this may not be the ideal solution for you.

Reverse Phone Lookup

The above two methods aren’t likely to work in the case of people who try and hide their information from public glare. As we have already mentioned earlier if the person has ill intentions while calling you or is purposely trying to hide his/her information you aren’t likely to find information about them from publically available records. This is where look phone number or reverse phone number lookup tools come to your rescue. These cutting-edge tools gather information on the person calling you from both publically available records and other sources to return you all the necessary information.

They offer you much more information than what Google search or Call ID applications would offer you. In most cases, you will be able to find out the exact address of the user, get links to their social media handles, and even their Social Security Numbers in many cases. There are reverse phone lookup tools that also reveal information about the criminal records of the person and this may help you in cases where the person has malicious intent of harming you or when you want to catch your cheating partner red-handed.

To conclude, Reverse Phone Lookup can help you in many ways. It might help your business where you won’t be robbed of a business opportunity upon missing a person’s call or stop a cyber-criminal from targeting you. It can also help you take corrective actions in stopping your relationship from falling apart or save yourself from being cheated by your partner. Irrespective of the reason you can easily collect detailed information about the person calling you without spending a penny. Modern technology can help you in more ways than one. It is available freely and when the need arises, you shouldn’t shy away from using it.

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