Fixing a Relationship After Cheating – How It Is Possible

Marriages are made in heaven or so it is said. But it must be maintained on Earth by two people who are full of flaws. There isn’t anything called a perfect marriage.

Every couple in a marriage must pass the test of time, but continue to prove to each other their commitment, their trust, and their love. It isn’t easy and there is no doubt about that.

It is about constantly working hard on each other and on the relationship to ensure that the sailing doesn’t get rough. But what happens when one of the partners estranges? What happens when one cheats? What happens when the solid foundation of the marriage is shaken to the core?

Can a relationship be salvaged when such things happen?

Relationship between two people is pious. But after all, we are human beings wrought to make mistakes. In a relationship, it is possible for one of the partners to feel disillusioned and ultimately cheat.

While it is a grave mistake that can cause a serious dent in the relationship, things can be improved if both the partners are ready to work on the relationship.

The unfortunate truth of our times is that cheating in a relationship is no longer uncommon. It mostly happens when communication between the partners breaks, there is a lack of trust, or when one of them isn’t getting enough from the relationship.

A person tends to seek solace, companionship, or sex from a third-person when these things lack within the relationship.

How to move past cheating? There are usually two types of outcomes of cheating in a relationship – ending it or trying to make it work with renewed vigor.

Not every couple wants to end their relationship due to infidelity. If the core reason is dug out then the relationship can be saved.

More importantly, if both the partners are willing to leave behind the past and start fresh, then it is possible to fall in love after cheating too.

Below we shall be talking about six things couples need to keep in mind in order to save their relationship.

Forgiveness Doesn’t Happen In an Instant

The road to rebuilding your relationship isn’t easy. The first step is forgiveness but this cannot come instantly. A cheating partner should not expect to be forgiven easily and instantly. Seeking forgiveness is considered the toughest part of reconciliation.

It is often frustrating for the cheating partner to wait for forgiveness. For the cheated partner, it requires a lot of strength, rebuilding of trust to be able to forgive. However, if the couple is serious about rebuilding their relationships after cheating, then they must first pass the test of forgiveness.

Not Cheating Again

Having an affair once may be considered a mistake but going for another extra-marital affair after breaking the first cannot be called a mere folly. A cheating partner wanting to get back with their spouse must never get back into an illicit relationship.

How to Tell if Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Has Cheated on You

Though this sounds simple enough, you would be surprised to know that those who engage in infidelity tend to repeat their mistake, sometimes even without realizing it. So, if you are keen to get back to your spouse or partner, remember that you cannot cheat again.

Take Effort to Rebuild Trust

Ask a random group of people what they consider an indicator of a successful relationship and most would say trust. Yes, trust – something that is often considered more important than even love.

In fact, a relationship cannot strengthen itself unless the partners trust each other. When a partner cheats, the first thing to break is trust. Love may remain due to which they may be willing to put the infidelity behind but rebuilding trust is tough.

The cheating partner has to make a concerted and continuous effort to rebuild the trust. They may have to keep proving themselves time and again why they can be trusted again.

Take Responsibility for Your Action

A cheating partner should never blame the other person for their wrongdoings. Blaming and not taking responsibility is not a good sign when you want to fix your relationship.

Cheating was your choice, no matter the circumstances. You must remember that not everyone in a difficult relationship cheats. If you cheated, it shows your weakness and nothing else.

If you are keen on getting back with your partner, you must take responsibility for your action. Relationship therapists and advisors often reiterate that accepting one’s fault and apologizing for it is half the battle won.


One of the common reasons for infidelity is lack of communication. When one partner feels ignored or doesn’t get enough from the relationship they tend to look elsewhere.

This problem is often in the mind space rather than in reality. That’s why it is important that both the partners communicate with each other, open their hearts, share their grievances and listen. Listening is an active form of communication that must never be ignored.

As important it is to share your feelings, it is equally important to listen and not jump to conclusions. You would be surprised to see how merely talking to each other and sharing your deepest fears can cure your relationship.

Don’t Lie Again

The last tip on how to save a relationship after cheating is this – don’t lie again.

A cheating partner will invariably lie. They will justify why they missed family functions, dinner dates, children’s school programs to hide their guilt. But when you want to get back with your partner, you have to stop lying. Acknowledging your mistake is the first step towards redemption.

The next time is ensuring that it never happens again. The final stage is to not lie in the relationship ever again. You cannot fix the relationship if you are caught lying again. Trust cannot be rebuilt on the basis of a lie.

Fixing a relationship isn’t going to be easy, especially when we are talking about serious issues like infidelity. These are like skeletons in the cupboard that can pop out anytime.

It will take time to rebuild the relationship. It will take time to get back to the old, good times when everything was great between the two of you. If the cheating partner must promise to be honest and forthcoming from now on, the innocent party must also remain vigilant.

You cannot drop your guard anytime soon. No, we aren’t saying you should be suspicious all the time but you should be aware of what’s happening in your partner’s life.

You could probably download a phone lookup app that will allow you to see how your partner is accessing their phone and for what purpose. If you see anything suspicious you can openly ask about it.

Can I Spy on A Phone with Just the Number?

As we have already mentioned it will take time to rebuild the relationship but when both the partners are willing to pass through the test, then they can succeed no matter what.


A relationship is built over time. But its foundation can wash away in one moment. Fixing is not impossible but it takes effort from both partners.

The effort must be more from the cheating partner who has to work harder to rebuild trust in the relationship.


How Can I find out who a Phone Number Belongs to for Free?

Are you looking to find who a phone number belongs to? Is someone troubling by calling you trying to blackmail you? Do you suspect your partner is talking to a secret lover over the phone on a regular basis? It happens to all us when we are curious to know the person on the other side of the line. There are numerous instances in life when we are curious to know the identity of the person making a phone call. You may have missed a call and wish to know if it was a prospective client or suspect your partner to be cheating on you. Irrespective of the reason behind your curiosity you may be wondering if there is a way which you can use to conduct a free phone number search.

The process is actually easier than you think and doesn’t require you to be a tech-savvy person. You may have come across ads where agencies promise to find all the information about callers and charge you a hefty fee for the job. These agencies try to make this process look complicated and understandably they do this to guard their own territory. But the fact on the ground is you don’t need to pay a hefty fee to any agency or subscribe to an expensive service to find details of the person when you know their phone number. A reverse telephone directory which is also termed as gray pages directory or criss-cross directory can offer you all the details that you intend to know and can use it for your own good.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is a process where you can easily find phone numbers along with important details about the caller such as their names and addresses. It is much like the good old Telephone Directory of the yesteryears where one could find the phone numbers of people and organizations by scrolling through the names listed in alphabetical order. Reverse phone lookup works in the reverse manner where one can easily find information about the caller by searching using their phone numbers and hence the name. It is extremely easy to use and returns all the information within seconds.

There are several communication companies that offer these services within their subscriber base but they are limited to wired phones only and no mobile service provider in the world lets you look at phone numbers to protect the privacy and identity of their customers. This is where you need to try telephone number lookup tools and once you feed the number into these online tools they would return you all the information you need in most cases. Yes, there are cases where a caller is smart enough to disguise all the information or there is no information about them on these tools but such cases are far and few.

How Can You Conduct Free Phone Number Search?

As we have mentioned above you don’t need to spy on a phone or wear the 007 hats to find out the details of the person on the other side of the line using their phone number. The process is pretty easy and there are many ways in which you can search for a phone number easily and here we shall look at them.

How to Spy on Your Spouse Cell Phone without Touching It

Search Engines

Search Engines like Google let you find information on almost everything that you are searching for and they should be your first port of call when you are looking to find a phone number. The process is simple and all you need to do is type the number into Google or any other search engine to find the information. It is important to note here that the number should be separated by hyphens depending on the kind of phone number series followed in the country from where the person is calling you. You must also prefix the number with the Country Calling Code. This is important as this would tell the search engines specifically that you are looking for a phone number and not searching for a simple number.

The chances of hitting gold with this type of search are high when the number is listed on some kind of public directory, business listing website, or the site of the person calling you. This type of search helps you in finding business phone numbers that are listed for promotional purposes. However, you may not see success if the number belongs to an individual who hasn’t listed it on any public platform. If the person is calling you with malicious intentions you aren’t likely to find their details on Google or other search engines.

Caller ID Applications

If search engines fail you your next logical step to use a Caller ID application. There are few caller ID mobile applications that are available for Android and iOS platforms and they do offer you the name of the person calling you. These applications work on a crowd-based model where they return you information on the name of the person as saved in other people’s phone directory. Download the application and register yourself and you are likely to find the details you are looking for. However, there is always a privacy issue when you are signing up for these platforms as you will have to part with your own identity and that of other people whose numbers you have saved on the phonebook. If you have issues regarding your own privacy this may not be the ideal solution for you.

Reverse Phone Lookup

The above two methods aren’t likely to work in the case of people who try and hide their information from public glare. As we have already mentioned earlier if the person has ill intentions while calling you or is purposely trying to hide his/her information you aren’t likely to find information about them from publically available records. This is where look phone number or reverse phone number lookup tools come to your rescue. These cutting-edge tools gather information on the person calling you from both publically available records and other sources to return you all the necessary information.

They offer you much more information than what Google search or Call ID applications would offer you. In most cases, you will be able to find out the exact address of the user, get links to their social media handles, and even their Social Security Numbers in many cases. There are reverse phone lookup tools that also reveal information about the criminal records of the person and this may help you in cases where the person has malicious intent of harming you or when you want to catch your cheating partner red-handed.

To conclude, Reverse Phone Lookup can help you in many ways. It might help your business where you won’t be robbed of a business opportunity upon missing a person’s call or stop a cyber-criminal from targeting you. It can also help you take corrective actions in stopping your relationship from falling apart or save yourself from being cheated by your partner. Irrespective of the reason you can easily collect detailed information about the person calling you without spending a penny. Modern technology can help you in more ways than one. It is available freely and when the need arises, you shouldn’t shy away from using it.


How to Catch a Cheater: Top 10 Ways to Spy on a Cheating Spouse

If your partner is cheating on you, he/she isn’t likely to tell you that on face till the very end. Accusing them of cheating won’t make it any better for you if you don’t have the required evidence to confront them. This is where it is both ethically and morally right to spy on a cheating spouse and catch them red-handed.

Thankfully technology makes it possible for you. You don’t need to hire an investigator or go deep into the world of spy craft. All it takes is the determination to find the truth and smart use of technology and acting smartly.

Here are 10 ways in which you can spy on a cheating partner.

1) Observe Your Spouse’s Activity on the Phone

If there is something that would give away your partner’s dishonest activities; it is his/her activity on the phone. Has he/she become ultra-protective when it comes to the phone? Does he/she keep it out of your sight all the time? In a healthy relationship partners don’t have anything to hide between them and if your partner is intentionally keeping it away from your or gets angry when you wish to have a look at it, consider this as the first sign of dishonesty.

Try and keep track of their calling, texting, and chatting activities. If he or she isn’t comfortable doing it in front of you, things are pretty bad and you need to spy on them.

2) Keep Track of Social Media Activities

In today’s world, Social Media is a reflection of any person’s life. When we are active on social media all of us leave behind our digital footprints. Scan through your partner’s social media profile to find out all about their friends and acquaintances.

If he/she is dating someone and cheating on you, there is every chance that you will get a clue from their social media activities. Find out whose post they always like, comment on, etc. Unless your spouse is someone who knows how to hide their digital footprints (very few are), their social media activities would reveal enough on his/her alleged partner whom you should keep track on.

3) Gain Access To Their Phone

If you wish to start spying on your partner’s phone you need to gain access to it. Unlike the older phones where few would care to secure it with a PIN, all modern smartphones have some kind of access control system. From face recognition to pattern locks and PINs to fingerprint lock, your partner would secure his/her phone in some way.

This might be easy if your partner has no reasons to be doubtful that you have become suspicious of their activity. Make an excuse to get hold of their smartphone and find out the PIN or pattern lock. If he/she has a fingerprint lock go to the phone’s settings and add yours as well.

A face recognition lock might make it difficult for you but you can still lure him/her with romance and gain access whenever you need.

4) Track Their Alleged Partner

When you suspect your partner to be cheating on you, it doesn’t quite matter who your partner goes to bed with. After all, it destroys the years of trust and faith you have put into this relationship.

How to Spy on Your Spouse Cell Phone without Touching It

But when you wish to confront your partner or plan to file for a divorce it is important for you to know more about the person they are going around with. Once you get hold of their phone number you can find every bit of information about them using Online Spying Tools.

This information includes addresses, public records, criminal records, etc. In fact, you can find all this information using their email and name as well. The volume of information that’s available online might surprise you.

5) Install a Keylogger

Once you have gained access to their smartphone the next step would be to install a keylogger. These are simple software that runs in the background and can track every word or letter that would type on the phone.

If your spouse is using dozens of apps on the smartphone it would take him/her time to figure out that a keylogger has been installed. You can hide this app inside an app folder that is least used by your spouse.

Depending on the keylogger you install you can set it to send you all their activities on the keypad to your email. By the time your partner gets any ilk of it, you’d have gathered enough evidence to confront him or her.

6) Check Bank & Credit Card Statements

If your partner is dating someone the evidence would be right there in the bank or credit card statement. Look at every transaction in the statement carefully and take note of all the transactions that seem suspicious. Restaurants visits, gift shops, unexplained Uber rides, shopping things for the opposite sex, etc. can offer you the crucial evidence that you can challenge your partner with.

If they are using wallets such as PayPal or more you should look into those transactions as well. They would reveal more than your cheating partner would ever imagine.

7) Track Their Texting Activity

Spying on your partner’s texting activity is one of the best ways to find out the dark secrets of their lives. If you have regular physical access to their phones you can scan through their text messages and chat activities on messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

In case you don’t have regular access to the phones you will have to depend on spy texting apps.

Much like the keylogger apps there are texting spy apps that would help you keep track of your partner’s texting activities and you can get real-time alerts on whom are they texting at any given point in time.

8) Keep Track of Spouse’s Location

Is he/she going out on a date? Is he/she taking out his newfound love on a dinner? Is he/she visiting the new partner’s house on a regular basis? In the past, you may have had to physically follow your partner on the road or hired a private investigator to keep track of their movements, not anymore.

Today technology makes it possible for you to do so sitting in the comfort of your home. If you have access to their phones you can check out the places they visited on Google Maps or Apple Maps easily. If you find suspicious activities it is time for you to question them.

9) Look for Photos and Videos

Scanning through the photo gallery in your partner’s phone might give you a glimpse of their life that they’d like to hide from you.

Though your partner is likely to be extra cautious and not store photos and videos on their phone even the best ‘criminal’ is known to make mistakes. If you regularly scan through the photos and videos on their phone you are likely to hit upon evidence that takes them to mask off his/her face.

10) Catch Them Red-handed

If you have installed a keylogger or a location finder app on his/her smartphone you are likely to be able to keep track of location and activities.

With this information in your hand, you can easily surprise your partner. Bump into him or her in the restaurant where your partner is allegedly dating.

Call your partner and ask his/her location and they are likely to lie to you about it. Deliver the big surprise and catch them red-handed.

Technology has come a long way over the last few decades. It has not only changed our lives but can also save you from being cheated. There is no sin in trying to verify your doubts if you suspect your partner to be cheating on you.

Your doubts would always be backed by their suspicious activity or when they have tried to hide something from you. When in doubt you can easily spy on your partner in the ways we have just mentioned. If your suspicion is unfounded you can always seek forgiveness from a loving partner. But there is no love and respect in being cheated.


Can I Spy on A Phone with Just the Number?

We have all grown up watching spy thrillers and have read innumerable books about famous detectives solving complex crimes just with their power of observation.

Most of the time their techniques seem impossible and we have all wondered whether detectives can actually solve mysteries so efficiently.

While today we are here not to talk about detective or spy thriller books and movies, we are definitely going to talk about spying. Unlike in the fictional world spying seems to be all edgy and over the top, in real like it is a lot more subtle and inconspicuous.

A common person like you and me won’t need to resort to spying unless absolutely necessary and that too because there are no other ways to find the truth.

Real life spy agents and detective do this job because there is some national threat they must avert or because they are part of an organization who find out hidden secrets and truths for people.

You and I must start spying when there is a cheating partner who is hiding secrets or when we think our children are susceptible to the many dangers lurking around.

We may also need to resort to spying when it becomes impertinent that every activity of our employees are tracked and assessed.

The question that naturally comes to mind when we think of spying is – can anyone spy on anyone?

Now we have come to believe that spying is a high adrenaline pumping job meant for the risk takers and problem solvers. It is also a job that must have legal protection (such as in the case of national security).

But what we often do not realize is that spying can also be the simple act of tracking someone’s phone number to understand that browsing activity or check on their call records. Is that legal?

Now that’s a question with many answers. If your intentions are in the right place, there can be nothing wrong with spying. If you are not spying with some malicious intent, there is nothing wrong in it.

If you have to find out about the wrongdoings of your partner or how much Internet is your child browsing, then it’s not wrong to spy.

Should You Be Spying?

Like we said spying with good intention cannot be wrong. A deceitful partner needs to be shown the mirror. Their deceptions and secrets must come out.

If you are the wronged partner, then you have all the rights to spy and find out about ill secrets. Sometimes spying becomes important when you feel your child is moving in the wrong circles and is shutting you out.

As a parent, you have the right to find out what is wrong with your little one. Since the Internet can be used as a blessing as well as an evil spot, it can become necessary to understand how your child is browsing the Internet on their phones.

Many-a-times employers have to track the phones of their employees to understand how they are working and whether there are associated with any malicious company.

Can I Spy on A Phone With Just the Number?

It is very likely that you may think that it is impossible to spy on a phone with just a number – but thanks to the advanced technology it is now very much possible.

There are numerous sophisticated apps that you can use to spy on another phone number. The important thing to keep in mind is that there are too many spying apps easily available on the Internet but all are not good or even effective.

How to Spy on Your Spouse Cell Phone without Touching It

Best Tips are here

Some are absolutely bogus and fake and it is better to stay away from them.

You need an app that works like a private eye for you and helps you track a phone number easily.

While it is absolutely possible to track a phone with just a phone number, there are few things you need to keep in mind while using any app.

We list a few things you must be careful of.

Do Not Pay a Hefty Price

We are often made to believe those good things cost a lot. It may be true in many cases but when we talk about spying apps, that’s not true.

There are three kinds of spying apps currently available in the market – those that are free (and are worthless), those which cost a lot of money (but do not offer worthwhile information), and the mid-range ones (which are actually useful).

Yes, when you want a reverse phone lookup app, look for one that is not free but also not too costly. These are the ones that actually offer you value for your money.

Moreover, you can pay for just the service you need and not the entire umbrella of services.

Read Terms and Conditions

It is no hidden secret that we readily click on any user agreement terms without reading them.

While in many cases it is a harmless thing to do, while you are subscribing to a free phone lookup app you must read every word of the terms and conditions.

That’s because some dubious companies may take you for a ride, intercept data and use them wrongfully. Be careful of what you sign up to.

See Whether You Can Track Multiple Numbers

You may have more than one child and definitely many employees with office phone numbers.

While signing up ensure that you can track multiple numbers at the same time.

Ensure You Can Spy on Text Messages

Nowadays we ignore text messages because of the multiple messaging apps that are so popular.

But these can be treasure-troves of information. Ensure that the spying app can track cell phone text messages too.

Use as a Phone Location Tracker

You can know a lot from the physical location of a phone. Use an app that tracks the location of the phone and hence the person.

This will help you find out if your spouse is in places where they shouldn’t be or whether your child is actually in school and not elsewhere.

You Don’t Need a Private Investigator Anymore!

Let’s face it – private investigators can be expensive! You wouldn’t want to part with your hard-earned money because you have an unfaithful spouse or need to keep a check on your children or employees.

The right spy texting app can do the job for you quite effectively. You just need to use the right one.

Since there are many good (and very bad ones) available in the market, you should first research and then subscribe to one which is most effective.

Do not simply choose one which makes tall promises but doesn’t deliver. Instead, choose one which is the best mobile tracker online. The best ones will –

  • Check a person’s information completely right from their contact details to their phone location.
  • Find the truth about somebody since they can access public records when necessary.
  • Check social media presence and see how a person interacts on social media platforms.
  • Check public records about a person.
  • Search any criminal activity that you should be aware of
  • Promise safe search without compromising on any details.

Now you can safely spy on your partner, child, or employee with just their phone number. If you are suspicious, use one of the best and reliable tools right away.


How to Tell if Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Has Cheated on You

What is it that separates the relationship between lovers and those between ordinary friends? Courtship or a romantic relationship is the friendship of higher-order where the two individuals start to draw energy from each other.

This is more than just friendship as you can have dozens of friends but ideally, you’d have one person whom you can refer to as your boyfriend or girlfriend.

When there is a breach of trust in this relationship, it can be very hard to handle. It drains you out emotionally and mentally. If you suspect being cheated, you can either fall into a state of depression or self-pity or try and seek revenge from your estranged partner. Neither of it is desirable as it snatches away your peace of mind.

However, there is no virtue in being cheated or keeping your eyes shut when sad things come to your notice. While you may have been noticing signs of cheating but confronting your partner with strong evidence is not desirable.

You may have spotted them with someone or noticing your relationship becoming cold. To claim that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating is a serious acquisition and it is important that you take your time and verify all the assumptions you have in mind before you actually get down to hammering out it with your partner.

Remember when you are to walk out of the relationship, better do it from a position of strength where you can throw the evidence on their face.

What to Do When You Suspect Your Partner to Be Cheating?

Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Life isn’t as good as it should be if this question is doing the rounds of your mind.

When you are suspecting your partner of cheating it is important that you get to know the truth. Your suspicion may be unwarranted and the seeds of mistrust may have been implanted in your mind by someone or an incident that might have triggered negative thoughts in your mind unnecessarily.

Irrespective of the reasons behind your suspicion you need to know the facts of the matter.

Thankfully we live in an era where it is possible for you to easily know whether your boyfriend or girlfriend has cheated on you.

Your partner’s smartphone is more than just communication, entertainment and gaming tool, it’s a window to their world and activities.

This will offer you information on everything they do – from where he or she goes to whom he or she talks to, you can find out almost everything about you’d like to know about your partner.

Just imagine if you can spy text messages on your partner’s cell phone or make use of a phone location tracker to know where exactly he or she is at the moment.

Does that sound straight out of the CIA playbook? You’d be surprised to know that technology has now made it possible for you to spy on any person and you’d be able to do it anonymously without your partner ever knowing it.

By checking on their cell phone text messages and tracking the location, you’d be able to confront your boyfriend or girlfriend with evidence that he or she cannot deny.

How to Do It?

To check cell phone text messages or know the location of your partner you need to be bold and use the rules from your lover’s playbook.

When your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, he/she is playing with your trust. It’s time for you to do the same and here’s how you can monitor text messages, track your partner’s location and get hold of all the information that you want –

  • Search for software or mobile app that allows you to check text messages without a phone and track the location of your partner. There are dozens of such apps available on the Internet. Look at the exact features they are offering and make sure you know how to use them.
  • Read reviews of the apps you have zeroed in on as there are apps that promise you many things but in the end, are unable to mirror your partner’s text messages on your phone or let you track their location. You may not have a big window of opportunity to spy on your partner and hence you need a tool that lets you gather the evidence at the very first attempt.
  • Next, you go to the most challenging task of the whole business where you will need to access your partner’s phone. You need to know their secret code or pattern lock to access their phone. In case your partner is using face recognition or fingerprint lock, you will have to coax them to offer you access to the phone. After gaining access you will need to download or sideload the application. Don’t worry as these apps can easily be hidden from your partner’s eyes and would immediately start to send vital information to you on your phone or web application.
  • Track your partner’s activity on a regular basis and scan through his/her messages and if he or she is cheating on your, strong evidence would soon land up on your hand.

Does It Require You to Spend Money?

Now that you know how easy it is to spy on your partner using these apps and software you might be wondering the financial implications of doing the same.

Let’s get it straight not every teenager or young adult does have the financial resources to spend money on spying on a partner. You’d better hire the services of a private detective for the same purpose as they bring in professional expertise into the job and there is no chance of your cheating partner ever knowing that they are being spied upon.

This brings us to the most important question – Can you spy on text messages for free?

The good news is ‘Yes’ and by opting for the right app or software you’d be able to spy on your partner without having to spend a dime. Most of these applications do offer you all their basic features for free though some of their advanced features may be hidden behind a paywall.

Unless your partner is a tech-geek or has enabled advanced security features on his or her phone the basic features on the spy app would reveal more than what you need to know about your partner and his/her activities and get to the bottom of the story.

Even those that charge you a subscription fee have kept their fee low to make it affordable.

To sum up, there is no virtue in being wrong in life. There is a lot you put into a relationship – your emotions, trust and your honour.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend has crossed the red line it is you who needs to call off the relationship and not be dumped by your partner who leaves you behind in an ocean of tears.

By calling if off on your own terms you will save yourself from the sense of helplessness and self-pity. Fortunately, technology these days allows you to know the truth and not be taken for a ride by your partner.

Use them and to prevent someone from playing with your emotions.


How to Spy on Your Spouse Cell Phone without Touching It

When a man and a woman take vows they promise to respect, love and trust each other till death does them apart. The couple walks down the aisle with dreams in their eyes and looks forward to a future where they live happily ever after.

After all, isn’t this is shown in almost every romantic movie – that love is enough to keep a couple together. Unfortunately, the reality is often not so rosy or picture-perfect. It is not uncommon for a spouse to forget their vows and cheat on their partner.

But what is really heartbreaking is when a partner claims innocence but continues to surreptitiously have an affair. This is wrong not just for the marriage but for the person being cheated upon. No partner deserves this and should not become a silent victim of their partner’s misdemeanours.

When should you start suspecting your partner? When do you feel that everything is not fine in your marriage? When do the warning bells start ringing?

While there cannot be any definitive answer to this, it is safe to say that you should not turn a blind eye to every shortcomings of your partner.

If you start noticing behavioural changes in your partner and cannot account for the reason, you should be suspicious. Normally when a person has an extra-marital affair, they are guilty no matter what. To hide their guilt, they either shower their legally wedded partner with unnecessary (and often uncalled for) gifts or start avoiding them.

This is one of the first tell-signs that something is wrong. In a normal marriage, partners do not change out of the blue. If until now your partner returned from work at almost the same time, always followed the same routine, helped in household chores and in caring for the family but suddenly gets ‘too busy’ at work, you need to question the change in their life.

Sometimes confronting the partner is the best thing to do. If you feel suspicious and have always valued honesty, you must directly ask if anything is wrong. But when the partner refuses to answer or claims ignorance, you may need to do some back-door investigation to understand the entire matter.

What Options Do You Have to Find Out If Your Partner is Cheating

Staying unhappy in a marriage is never a good option. Do not compromise your happiness because someone else is not faithful to you. When you walked down the aisle this wasn’t the life you promised yourself. Do not live that life.

Take control of your situation and dig deep into your partner’s secret. How can you do that? There are a few possible ways you can spy on your partner, especially using their phones.

  • Catch hold of their phones when they are looking away. If you know the password, it’s great. If not, try to determine the access code so that you can unlock the phone and find out everything. Though we must confess that it isn’t easy especially if the phone has advanced security features such as fingerprint, face recognition, pattern lock etc.
  • Checking the cloud is a good alternative, especially if you know how to do such things. It is pretty simple actually. All you need is access to your partner’s email account from where you can possibly check the cloud storage where invariably some information will be stored. Again, it is not full-proof and fully-effective.
  • Spying on their phones using spy apps. These are some of your best options as they help you find everything about your partner’s phone – right from whom they message, whom they call and everything in between.

Why Spying on Your Cheating Partner is Not Wrong

When your partner doesn’t want to be upfront and you suspect they are hiding something from you, spying is the best solution. Now, if you have watched enough detective movies or crime thrillers, you would be inclined to pay someone to spy on your partner.

However you must know that this isn’t always the right thing or even the convenient thing to do. Getting in touch with a good private investigator is not easy. Even if you manage to find one in your neighbourhood, PI’s are generally very expensive as they work on an hourly basis.

Moreover, an investigator will only be able to share a few photographs that seem suspicious, track your partner’s daily routine and inform you about who they meet in a day.

They will also report if your partner is meeting another person in cafes, restaurants and movie theatres in odd hours. But what can you do with only this much information? Honestly speaking, not much. With such information, you can once again confront your partner and they can once again conveniently deny any misdoings.

What you really need to do in such a case is using technology that is both inexpensive but effective to spy on your partner. Fortunately, we live in times when technology is not only all-pervasive but also very easy to comprehend.

Gone are the days when sophisticated technology could only be used by technocrats, software engineers and the likes. Today applications have become so easily accessible that anyone and everyone can use them.

Whether you want to track a phone number or spy on your spouse’s cell phone without touching it, you can do it all with a simple application. If your partner is not honest, you shouldn’t feel guilty about using extra-ordinary means to comprehend their activities.

What Makes Spy Apps Useful

Lot about a person can be known from their mobile phones. Photos stored in galleries, in browsing history, call records and messages – tell a lot about the person. In a marriage, it is ideal that one shares his/her phone with the partner and in returns expects equal transparency.

But when this doesn’t happen and when your partner doesn’t let you touch their phone, it is time you spy and find out all about the hidden and suspicious content stored in their phones.

Spy apps are essentially mobile phone applications that can surreptitiously track a phone’s message and call records. These apps have become very common nowadays as they are easy to use and can be used by anyone.

If PI’s are expensive, spy apps are inexpensive. You only need to pay for the amount of information that is revealed to you and even then the cost is very less. When you want to vindicate yourself from your cheating partner, these apps are made just for you.

Using these apps you can spy phones and read all texts sent and received by your partner. You can also check call records and find out who is your partner talking to so much.

These apps are built in such a manner that they do not give away anything and doesn’t make your partner suspicious about your spying activities.

Using a spying app, you will discover who your partner is –

  • Frequently messaging,
  • The smartphone apps they are using,
  • The kind of online services they are using,
  • Whether they have registered another sim in their names
  • And a lot more.

So start using a spy app today and know about your partner’s secret. Do not wait till doomsday.


How to fix a broken marriage

Many factors make one marriage a happy one, and all people should strive to try to be in a happy relationship with their partner. But sometimes, with family, work, and other stuff that needs our attention, we just don’t have time or patience to invest in our marriage. Not paying attention to these needs reflects our marriage and, eventually, our lives. This unhealthy relationship can cause us to grow distant from our partner and ultimately destroy our marriage. When in this situation, many partners or couples ask themselves, “Is it possible to fix our broken marriage?”. 


Sometimes it is hard for people to acknowledge that they are in an unhappy marriage. They cant see what is happening to them or just go with the flow without releasing that they live an unfulfilled life and in an unhappy marriage. I have to note that sometimes some people have a lot on their plate and can’t even start thinking about their bad relationship or marriage. 

But it is essential to state that we need to be aware that there is a problem and then deal with it. For many people, this is not the case, and they don’t even see the signs that they have a broken marriage. There are different signs of a marriage falling apart.

Signs of dysfunctional marriage can be: feeling lonely even though you are with your partner, not having sex with your partner, constant feeling of disappointment, you don’t enjoy spending time with your partner, you are in touch with your ex, or trying to connect with another partner and having these signs suggest that you are not in a good relationship.

Feeling lonely 

This is one of the main reasons why partners in a relationship or marriage start cheating. Even though they are in a relationship and have a significant other, they still feel lonely. There can be several reasons for feeling lonely, like not having enough communication.

One partner wants to talk about something, and the other interrupt it and doesn’t want to talk about it. This kind of consistent communication approach puts a strain on the relationship because one partner starts to feel that she or he is not heard or understood.

The partner feels that he is not wanted. This way, the partners start to lose emotional support and understanding from their spouses. That is why they might start looking for emotional connections elsewhere.

Not having sex

I will note that the sex drive with time goes down for some couples because other things start prioritizing marriage and life. Everyday life, stress, and obligations can lead the partners to feel tired. But if we continue the last thought if the partners don’t share their thoughts and feelings, don’t converse enough, they start to distance from each other emotionally.

Top that with everyday life, problems, and taking care of your family can lead to not having a sexual appetite for your partner. Sex is the least desirable thought on the to-do list in your mind. Some people that are in a lousy marriage say that the idea of having sex with their partner bothers them.

Not wanting to have sex with your partner or having a feeling of disgust for the act is a sign that something is wrong in your relationship.

Constant feeling of disappointment

Even though they feel that their marriage is miserable, some still keep going in it. Most people don’t do it, but some do that and, deep down inside, constantly feel disappointed. They are determined to remain committed to the relationship for some more prominent reasons. Knowing that the marriage is broken is dreadful is eating them up from inside and is not suitable for their wellbeing. These kinds of people can develop some forms of anxiety.

You don’t enjoy spending time with your partner

When you are emotionally distant, don’t want to talk, you can also hate spending time with your partner. The corona pandemic that we live in now is a good experiment that suggests this argument. CNN reported there was a spike in divorce numbers as a result of the pandemic. 

In quarantine, good relationships and marriages can survive the constant sitting and be together. Bad marriages can’t cope with constantly being with their partner all the time. You indeed need “me” time, but generally, you should enjoy the time with your partner, not avoid it.

Trying to connect with another partner.

If you are trying to get in touch with your ex or connect with another partner, that is a really bad sign. It means something is off in your relationship and that you might be trying to search for affection or attention. I mentioned that people who do not receive emotional support sometimes try to find it elsewhere.

Seeking an emotional connection can lead the partner to contact their ex or a new partner. This is why it is vital to have honest and open communication about your partner’s problems. And it is essential to be open about expressing your feelings and talking about what is bothering you.

How can you fix a broken marriage? 

First, not all marriages can be fixed. The general statistics suggest that a big chunk of people do not try to improve their marriage. Data from the American Psychological Association shows that 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. There are different reasons for divorce, like financial problems, infidelity, arguing, and lack of commitment. 

The study “Reasons for divorce and recollections of premarital intervention: Implications for improving relationship education.” from 2013 suggests that infidelity is responsible for 59.6% of divorce in the reported cases. All of this data shows that it is hard to stay in the marriage. But not everything is that negative, and there is a way to help you fix your marriage. 

Indetifiyng the problem

Before fixing your marriage, you need to identify the problem’s actual source. Acknowledging that there is a problem and recognizing it is the first step in almost all conflict resolution plans. Put on your thinking cap and start thinking about the possible reasons why you feel bad in the relationship and why. Also, try to develop potential solutions after thinking of the possible causes.

Get your partner on board 

You and your partner both need to get on board to fix your marriage. For this to happen, you need to talk it out with your partner. If your partner does not see a problem and you do, then there is a problem.

It is essential to explain to him that there is a problem. Find a way to communicate and show that what is happening in the relationship is not ok. Don’t try to sweep it under the rug if the partner is not listening or unresponsive.

Many couples live in a broken marriage because they are hoping the problems will eventually go away on their own. You need to put a pin on it and make it visible to your partner. For your partner to better understand the problem, it is good to show how you really feel, not just use words to tell him that your marriage is terrible.

Try to find solutions together on how to get your marriage better

Once you have open communication and both of you are on board for saving your marriage, you need to try to find solutions on how to do that. This is when you can suggest the solutions you came up with if your partners don’t have some.

When this happens, usually in family or couples therapy, things go wrong. Partners typically tend to hang on to particular things that are not beneficial for building a healthy relationship.

Most of the stuff we hang on comes from our ego. And that is why low or no ego is suitable for a healthy relationship. How we are feeding the ego is connected with how we are born and raised or, in other words, how we develop our beliefs and create expectations from people.

This also applies to relationships and partners.  Most beliefs that cause problems are irrational beliefs, and not satisfying them can cause frustration and anger. An example is taking out the trash.

The husband might not want to take out the trash if his wife demands it. He might feel that she wants to control him. If he doesn’t take out the garbage, the wife might think she is not respected or supported. This is how Albert Ellis explains this problem: a renowned behavioral and cognitive therapy psychologist.

When we want to find solutions, we need to approach them constructively. When we talk about marriage, it usually means finding common ground. With the example above, one constructive solution is for the husband to take out the trash but not immediately—this way, the wife, will not be perceived as condescending and controlling. 

And the wife needs to understand this process and let him take out the trash later because this way, he is still supporting her. It’s a simple example, but the same concept can be applied in other even complex problems.

Both partners need to find understanding and go a little further from what they feel comfortable doing for the relationship’s good. It is way better to approach a problem constructively than destructively, and the key is trying to fix the problem. I hope these tips can help you improve your marriage. Always communicate your issues, express your feeling, and be honest with your partner.


How to cope with cheating in a relationship

Cheating, in any case, is not a good thing. Most psychologists will say that cheating is a two-way street, meaning that for infidelity to occur, it needs to be in some way a result of the actions of both parties.

There are different reasons why people cheat which we are not going to dive into that issue now. This blog post will be more focused on the effects of cheating in relationships. Should you stay, should you leave, and how to handle your emotions and wellbeing.  

Cheating is wrong! But usually, when it happens, it happens for a reason

Cheating disrupts the relationship on many different levels. If it happens, then it happens for specific reasons. For example, it can mean that you don’t communicate enough or respect or understand your partner’s needs. Let’s dive in a little bit more.

Cheating is wrong!

If you have some self-love and some modicum of respect for yourself, you won’t put yourself in a position to be with someone who does that to you. I emphasize this moment of self-love, and it is very crucial because, as Dalai Lama said:

“You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself.”

Before you can give to others, you need to know who you are and give yourself what you need. You need to have this thought, and it is critical for establishing a sound basis for a relationship. If someone doesn’t respect you and disrupts your trust, then you don’t need them in your life.

But as previously said, it is vital to know who you are as a person and understand what you want from your partner. So this way, if it comes to a breakup, you don’t feel like you lost your person. Instead, you will know that that person is not for you. As I said, you know what you want and need a person who deserves you. 

But it happens for a reason

Even if you love and respect yourself in most cases in one way or another, you are complicit in the creation of the process of creating a cheating relationship, as Esther Perel says. Perel is a known licensed marriage therapist.

There is always some form of the underlying reason for cheating. And this is not an excuse for the other side to start cheating, but this argument should clarify that both partners are responsible for building the relationship in a certain way. Sometimes this means that you haven’t asked the right questions to know your partner better, or other times when you didn’t ask questions when there were signs.

And I am talking this from an aspect for mature adult relationships, not adolescents kind of “want to be with more partners” that is why I cheat reasons.

I talked with a guy who worked as a hotline operator and said that many men who call the hotline usually don’t like to talk about sex. 40 to 50% of the calls they have are conversations about their wives and personal problems. It suggests that they seek emotional connection and understanding that they don’t get from their partner. 

This means that even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you might be an accomplice in creating the infidelity process. Sometimes not being aware of the signs or neglecting your partner’s needs can lead to him or her to cheat.

There are two ways to cope with infidelity

There are different kinds of cheaters. Some partners cheat, intending not to get caught because they will not get caught. These types of people can play mind games, use manipulation and play the victim card. In some cases, when they are exposed, they can leave their partner high and dry on an emotional, even, or financial level. 

Others cheat because they can’t get emotional or sexual understanding from their spouse.

When most are found in this kind of situation, they choose between staying or leaving the relationship. Many people would leave a cheating partner because their trust is broken. Honesty and truth are very important in a relationship. But not everyone makes that decision.

Sometimes the situation that we live in makes it harder to make the right choice, or it is just too difficult to make the right step at that time. We are all different and make different decisions sometimes based on feelings. But it’s important to note that whatever choice you make, you will bear the consequences, so think about it carefully and with a clear mind.


Staying in the relationship means working on the problem. The problem is that building trust again is not easy. It requires and needs to be worked on by both parties. Trust is vital in a relationship because it is the foundation of creating and building a meaningful relationship. It’s not easy to get it back if lost because people feel deceived. 

Having given so much love and now they are left with a horrible feeling that breaks down their whole world and sometimes even creates a crisis in identity, as Esther Perel says. It is a traumatic experience that can shift the question from “Can I trust you again?” to “Can I trust anyone again?”. It is the ultimate betrail.

This is a vile process that devastates the core of the cheated person, and that is why it is tough to get over. If you go this way, you need to know that your partner is on the same page. This process means forgiveness, understanding and requires a lot of communication with the partner. 

You need to get to the bottom of why the cheating occurred. You need brutal honesty to understand better your partner’s needs and to understand why the affair occurred and not happen again.

Psychologists say that people who successfully overcame broken trust over cheating have a far better relationship than before. They listen more and attune to their partner’s needs. But for this to happen, the other side needs to accept this process and continue the work to change. 


This is the most obvious choice. You love yourself and just don’t deserve that. As stated before, if you don’t feel respected or the trust is broken, then you should leave. It is often better to find another person who can understand and respect you than to struggle with understanding why the person you love has betrayed you.

A good sum up and my advice would be this. Pick a person who treats you nicely, loves you, and is open and truthful to you. You just don’t have time for other kinds of people and emotional turbulence in your life. Be vigilant and open necessary conversations if there are any problems in your relationship. If you get in a situation where you have been cheated, weigh in your options once you have clear your head. If you have been attentive, open, clear in communication, value his feelings, love, and invest in your partner, then you deserve better. If not, get a better one.

Ps. Love life and yourself.


How to have a great relationship?

Depending on the view, having a relationship is not an easy task. Having a great relationship is even more challenging. Why is it so hard to have a relationship with so many options? 

Everything is within our reach in this fast-paced life with Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Bumble, or other social platforms for dating like You like to find a person with specifics like height or the same hobbies as you. With a simple click or swipe, you can find that “suitable” person for you with the desired characteristics.

And if you don’t feel that this is the person for you, you can easily find another via social media websites. If you want to explore why it is hard to have a relationship, the answer is it about availability, or if we dive deep, it is more about value and meaning.

Value and meaning

In the nineties, even in the early twenties, when there were no mobile phones and the internet was not involved in people’s lives, things were different. People hung out more often, and more social interaction was between people. By some coincidence, you meet a girl, and she gives you her number.

Imagine when you call her you wouldn’t know who would answer the phone, for example, her father. I need to clarify this for some readers, and she would give you “her” number – the landline telephone number of the house that she lives in. If we compare with now and then, stuff was not that available, and then things had more value.

The same logic applies to relationships and finding partners. Now everything is available. You can easily find a partner with the desired characteristics. If the partner doesn’t meet your criteria, you can move on and find another one that will. 

In this process, we also don’t scratch deeper from the surface to find out the person. On a date, you can instantly dislike a person even if he or she makes the slightest mistake. Why? You know that there are other fishes in the sea and they are available. 

Before, people tried to make it work because they had to earn the other person and the steps they did had more meaning. Imagine the example with the telephone. You call and get her dad on the phone asking to speak with his daughter. It’s quite a bold move, and her whole family knows that you will go out with her. 

Now you can go out on multiple dates in one night, nobody will know, and you might not have a great time in the end. If you have jumped through some hoops to set up a date and had to do stuff that makes you uncomfortable, you would just want to make it work. 

That means that the thing you are fighting for has value and the same concept applies to maintaining a relationship. 

We all want to have meaning but want to invest very little and get a lot. 

We mainly choose quantity over quality because there are available people out there, but we forget that they are also searching for the same thing.

Can you have everything in one person?

A while back, I had a conversation with a friend, and I asked him a question: Can you have everything in one person? I also think that this question unconsciously creates the problem that most people struggle with. 

My friend told me that you couldn’t find everything in one person. By the way, he has been with only two partners in his whole life, and with the second he got married. Most people will say, well, that is why he can’t have everything. He didn’t try to find out because he has been with two partners. Maybe, but I don’t think that’s the case.

Why would he continue the relationship, later on, get married, and in a sense decide not to have everything? As Carl Rogers says, people have two concepts of self, ideal, and real self. 

Real: what we are and the ideal: what we want to be. 

These two concepts do not apply only to the self but also to how we view and interact with the outside world.

My friend had a better real self and was content with what he had. Later on, from what I have seen in their relationship, the gap of “can’t have everything in one person” grew smaller. Within time both of them worked and changed some of the stuff for the relationship’s wellbeing, although those changes were not particularly favorable for either of them as individuals. 

Most people think that they can have everything in one person, so they chase the more idealistic image of a relationship within their expectations and frame of mind. On the other hand, many people are not content with what they have and resort to cheating.

One study that researches infidelity in committed relationships conducted by Blow, Adrian & Hartnett, Kelley in 2005 shows that 40 percent of unmarried relationships and 25 percent of marriages see at least one infidelity incident. The arguments above show that it is tough to have a good relationship, and there is no “perfect partner.” 

What does it mean to have a great relationship? 

Three things are crucial to a great relationship: love, understanding, and respect. There are others of course, like investing, honesty or communication but almost any of them can be put in one of these three areas. For example, if you have good communication, which is necessary for a healthy relationship, you can understand your partner. Another example is if you apply honesty in the relationship, it shows respect for your partner, etc.


To have chemistry, attraction, and to have the feeling of being in love with somebody, should be a given. But that is not enough to maintain this love. It means to invest in the relationship later on, like giving affection and understanding your partner better. That is how you develop a mature relationship, not just to hang on to the feeling of being in love. 


You can love somebody to the moon and back, but if the other person does not understand you, your love is in vain. If you have different goals or ideas about life, you can’t understand each other, and love can’t glue the relationship up. So understanding who you are, who your partner is, and your or his needs is crucial for a compatible relationship.


You can love and understand someone, but if they don’t respect you, you can’t be with them. If you love someone, you respect them as a person and with what they generally do. People are not perfect and make mistakes, but their actions should not hurt their partners. If this is not the case, and the partner is manipulating the other partner, that is not a healthy but a toxic relationship. This is why respect is essential.

For a great relationship, first, you need to pick a person that will suit you and your real image for the relationship. It is essential to have all three things from above: love, understanding, and respect

You need to keep investing, have open communication, stick with your partner on good and bad days. I hope this article will help you commit and develop a great relationship.